What Are the Best Woodwinds Brands?

What Are the Best Woodwinds Brands?

When you want to learn how to play an instrument, the woodwinds section is always quite popular. You’ve got the clarinet and the saxophone in there (with all of the instrument’s tonal variations), creating personalized sounds that add character and dynamics to any musical composition.

If you are learning how to play a woodwind instrument, it is essential to purchase one made by a reliable manufacturer.

Instead of buying the off-brand models that you can find online that break easily, you’ll want to search for the instruments made by these brands.

List of the Best Woodwinds Manufacturers

If you or your child are learning how to play a woodwind instrument, these manufacturers are the best brands to review.

1. Yamaha

Some companies specialize in a specific instrument, but this brand excels at making almost everything you need to join a band. Many of their products hold up over time, although you’d still want to take care of the instrument appropriately. Their best option is the saxophone, but you’ll find several choices that play in tune and fit well in your hands.

2. Selmer

If you can find an old Bundy instrument, you’ve got a Selmer woodwind. That brand used to be the company’s student line, and they can be found at a reasonable price. Although the initial designs were a little awkward to hold, improvements have stopped that limitation over the years. It’s an American brand that gets manufactured in Taiwan.

3. Vito

This woodwinds brand comes with a caveat. You should only purchase the instruments that come labeled as being made in Japan. You need to buy from this company in that way because Yamaha handled the Japanese manufacturing processes. They’re identical in almost every way. When Vitos are made outside of Japan, the quality is quite questionable.

4. Conn

You’ll find a similar caveat with this woodwinds brand. The first Conn saxophones were of an excellent quality. As the company traded hands over the years, the manufacturing processes suffered to the point where you’ll get something about average at best. Their vintage horns, especially the Chu Berry, are excellent options for any student.

5. Buffet

If you want a clarinet, you can’t go wrong with this woodwinds brand. They produce some of the best French designs in the world, and the student line you can buy today is built in Germany. It’s the perfect solution for an above-average student horn that can become something a little more when you’re ready.

6. Artley

Although this company is now out of business, their instruments were reasonably dependable. If you can find a used one still in excellent condition, it’ll be worth the money. You’ll get a remarkably dark tone from your natural playing style, and some of the company’s concepts were folded into the Selmer brand. 

Please remember to inspect a used instrument thoroughly before deciding to purchase it. Although that step isn’t always possible when you shop online, an inspection can prevent you from encountering a lemon. 

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