What Are the Best Brands of Brass Instruments and Accessories?

What Are the Best Brands of Brass Instruments and Accessories?


When you shop online for brass instruments, it is not unusual to find examples of off-brand items retailing for a fraction of the expected cost. 

Some parents use these cheap brass instruments as a training tool for their children during a beginning band course. The only problem with this methodology is that the manufacturing processes’ quality control is not as high as it should be with those trumpets, baritones, trombones, and others. 

The instrument’s metal thickness can be so thin that even picking it up incorrectly could cause denting.

That’s why you should consider these brands for brass instruments if you are thinking about buying one instead of renting it today.

List of the Best Brass Brands to Buy for Band

1. Yamaha

Although you might know this brand for its motorcycles or electronics, it has been making musical instruments for over a century. If you need a student brass instrument at an affordable price, you’ll get a lot of value out of a Yamaha instrument. You can find several different versions available for today’s standard brass items. 

2. Bach

Although the name for this brand has changed over the years, its reputation for making superior brass instruments started in 1918. This company’s focus is primarily on trumpets and cornets, but you can also find trombones and flugelhorns of excellent quality available for purchase today.

3. Schilke

This instrument maker has been producing trombones, trumpets, and mouthpieces since 1956. the brand is widely regarded as a world leader for brass instruments, with all of the parts made at an Illinois facility. The company still uses its original models and tooling for reference to have a consistent playing experience.

4. Jupiter

The baritone from this instrument brand might receive the most attention, but you can also find trombones, tubas, French horns, and more made to exacting standards. They also produce flutes and other band instruments without charging an unreasonable price. 

If you can find a used instrument from this manufacturer, you’ll have a great deal on your hands when the item is in excellent condition. 

5. Denis Wick

This musical brand isn’t technically one for instrument manufacturing, but it is a company that you need to get to know. When you play a brass instrument, you need mouthpieces, mutes, and other accessories to take your playing to the next level. Several brass band instrument makers offer similar items, but they don’t reach the same production standards as Denis Wick.

6. Protec

This company was initially established to design custom protective gear for professional musicians. You can still find many of those products for sale today, including Bell covers, mute, and facial coverings. It is a brand that focuses on providing the hard shell cases that your instruments need to stay in working condition. 

When you start playing a brass instrument, these brands are the ones that you will want to get to know. Search for their items online whenever you need to expand your gear for the next concert’s requirements.

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