Does Rocksmith Help to Learn the Guitar?

Does Rocksmith Help to Learn the Guitar?

If you want to learn how to play the guitar, one of the best tools available to use is a game called Rocksmith.

You have three learning options available with this game.

  • You can plug an electric guitar into your PC or console using a Real Tone Cable (a 1/4-inch jack to a USB) to register the notes played.
  • A microphone hooked up to the game can register the notes and chords strummed on an acoustic or classical guitar.
  • You can turn off the microphone and eliminate the jack to use the gameplay as a virtual teacher. 

Ubisoft released Rocksmith after the commercial successes of the Rock Band and Guitar Hero series on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Even though it initially hit the market in 2012, you can still find a dedicated community playing this cooperative single-player game.

Its main feature is that instead of focusing on the song’s rhythm, you can use any guitar to play while learning the different notes and chords.

How Does a Video Game Help You Learn an Instrument?

The best option for you to play if you want to learn the guitar is to use Rocksmith 2014. That’s when Ubisoft decided to repackage the title as a teaching tool instead of a game. 

They even branded the boxes that year with a catchy phrase: “The fastest way to learn guitar.”

During the advertising campaign for the new Rocksmith that year, the company promised that you could learn how to play the guitar or bass in 60 days or less.

Unlike Rock Band or Guitar Hero, Rocksmith 2014 requires you to hit specific chords on a visual fret while hitting the correct rhythms to score points. Since you can use any electric guitar to plug into the game, the idea is that you can invest in the model you want now while learning to play it over the next months. 

When you see the teaching visualization on Rocksmith 2014, you’ll see the same cues found in games like Guitar Hero. The only difference is that the neck is held sideways instead of vertically, and you’re giving a finger designation to help you play the chord correctly. The display floats up and down to help you play the right way on each fret.

Can’t I Look Up the Chords to Play Online?

One of the criticisms of Rocksmith 2014 is that anyone with the will to play the guitar can look up fingering charts and chord combinations to play songs. 

Although that is a fair point, the game/teaching tool delivers a social and competitive experience. You can play your favorite songs, learn how to play notes and chords every few seconds, and keep adding more until you can play everything. The game automatically senses your skill levels to keep pushing you to get better. 

If you want straightforward lessons, you can still get those. It also offers mini-games to create new learning methods. When you’ve tried to learn the guitar in other ways without success, it might be time to revisit Rocksmith. 

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