Best Student Trumpets to Buy

Best Student Trumpets to Buy

If you have a student who wants to learn how to play the trumpet, it doesn’t make sense to purchase a pro-grade instrument.

It would be best to have a student trumpet at home that works well for practicing and playing at school while delivering authentic tones.

Anything priced under $250 is a potentially avoidable instrument unless it comes from one of the industry’s most reputable brands. If you’re on a tight budget, we highly recommend purchasing an older Selmer. Those often sell for around $75 and deliver an excellent tone when played.

List of the Best Student Trumpets to Purchase

1. Jean Paul USA Standard Trumpet

This B-flat trumpet delivers a bright sound with lots of reverb that encourages the proper playing technique. You get the adjustable third trigger on the side for a more natural hand position, while the rose brass lead pipe ensures you get the proper airflow and movement with the instrument. The piston valves are the best feature, offering reinforced quality that can extend the life of your investment.

2. JP Smith Watkins 251SW

This gorgeous plate silver trumpet represents the perfect balance of price and performance. It’s got enough quality to be used in professional shows while still delivering the authentic results you want for students. It features a high-grade 80/20 brass bell, a lacquer finish, and comes with a comfortable backpack for easy storage. You can adjust the first and third valve slides to achieve the right tone for any composition. 

3. Phaeton 2060

If you don’t mind spending some extra money on a trumpet for your student, this model will last forever. It features a soldered bell wire ring, brass springs, and some excess weight to deliver the purest sound you can imagine. Instead of focusing on yellow brass, the manufacturer uses a triple alloy of bronze, aluminum, and stainless steel to deliver impressive results. It’s an investment for sure, but it could be one worth making.

4. Yamaha 200ADII

This advanced standard B-flat trumpet features Monel pistons that give it an impressive level of durability. It comes equipped with numerous features to help students develop the positive habits they need without compromising the instrument’s comfort. It delivers an essential, but still excellent overall experience that works well for most players, especially since the tuning slides follow the same format as the higher-end models.

5. Jupiter 1100

This intermediate trumpet offers a warmer sound than most instruments through its rose brass lead pipe. It uses a reverse configuration to lend more free-blowing through the channels to provide more personality and expression. The intonation is solid with this design, offering a balanced approach that works well for students with familiarity with how to play. If you have never picked up a trumpet before, the JTR500S model from Jupiter might be a better selection.

The best student trumpets deliver durability, excellent tone, and a comfortable grip to encourage better techniques. When you practice on one of these instruments consistently, you’ll see improvements right away. 

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