Best Instructional Books for Beginning Music Students

Best Instructional Books for Beginning Music Students

When you want to learn how to play a new instrument, your teacher will likely provide you with a learning book that will take you through some basic concepts. 

The best instructional books help you recognize more notes, learn how to play them, and build your skills naturally to become a little better with each practice session. 

Although you will find specific differences in the instructional books for beginning music students based on the instruments getting learned, these titles provide consistent results that can help you discover your love of playing.

1. Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory

When you understand why specific notes and rhythms are played the way they are, it can help you know why your instrument contributes to particular compositions. This title offers 152 pages of essential lessons that can serve as an instructional guide. 

With over 70 lessons covering the basics of music, you’ll feel more confident after completing this book.

2. Theory and Technic for the Young Beginner

This book focuses on the piano for children who are starting their first lessons. It helps them find the confidence they need to have their fingers dance over the keys. 

The knowledge gained from this title translates to other instruments, including the guitar, because it helps you understand the different notes, chords, and keys you will play.

3. Berklee Music Theory Book 1

After adding this title to your collection, you’ll receive guides that help you practice more efficiently as you work with your preferred instrument. It enables you to understand the rhythms and scales you can find in modern music while still providing a classical foundation for your expanded knowledge. With over 120 pages of lessons to follow, this investment makes a lot of sense.

4. Sound Innovations for Concert Band

Once you have decided on the instrument you want to play, this instructional book series covers all of the traditional band choices available to students today. When you shop for these lessons, you’ll want to ensure that you buy the one for your specific instrument. It also comes with several multimedia resources that help teachers and students pick up their practice routines quickly while offering positive reinforcement. 

5. Rubank Elementary Method

Although these fundamental coursebooks have been around for several decades, there is no denying the salient features found within its pages. You’ll need to select the appropriate title for the instrument that you play. It stands out as an option because instrumental teaching specialists have written the entire course with several years of applied technique practical experiences. It is simple, accurate, and filled with common sense. 

If you want to learn how to play an instrument, your teacher will likely provide an instructional book for your first lesson. When your student takes band at school, the instructor might recommend a specific title for you to purchase. These resources will take your playing to the next level when you dedicate enough time to practice.

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