Best Student Guitars to Purchase Today

Best Student Guitars to Purchase Today

If you want to learn how to play the guitar, it’s probably better to purchase a student kit than to invest in a Les Paul.

Some people take to the guitar right away, while others discover that it isn’t the instrument for them. When you play the strings, your fingertips can develop calluses that some people find to be a little uncomfortable.

When you are ready to dive in to try the guitar, we recommend trying one of these models to get the basics right. 

Top Student Guitars to Buy Right Now

1. Yamaha Student Series Classical Guitar

This guitar lets you enjoy the benefits of learning acoustic chords while following the classical design. You’ll need to hold it in your lap since it isn’t strap compatible, but it features a spruce top and a rosewood bridge and fingerboard combination for authentic sounds. You’ll want to use nylon strings with this product. It might be a student guitar, but you’ll find that it can play above its pay grade.

2. YMC Student Guitar Kit

If you are unsure about your love for the guitar, this beginner acoustic set comes with everything you need to experiment. It’s a 38-inch instrument that comes with a pitch pipe, spare strings, picks, a strap, and a tuner. It features a full-wood construction with a linden binding that delivers a robust sound.

3. Luna Gypsy Parlor Student Guitar

With this instrument, you’ll receive a built-in tuner so that you can get to practicing faster. It features a Celtic knot rosette as part of the design, a spruce top, and mahogany sides to create an incredible sound. Although it costs a little more than the average beginner’s instrument, the comfort levels are there immediately. It looks like it is a classical guitar, but it comes with steel strings.

4. Catala CC-2 Student Classical Guitar

This guitar delivers a birch top with traditional bracing to encourage a refined sound from the first strum. It offers a nickel-plated 14:1 machine head to tune easily, while the overall design provides the conventional classical feel. You’ll need to stretch the strings overnight on this model to let them get accustomed to the instrument unless you plan to keep retuning it through your session. The slim mahogany neck provides you with the stability needed for a successful playing experience.

5. Johnson JG-100R Student Acoustic Guitar

This instrument gets all of the basics right. Although the sound is a little hollow with its catalpa wood construction, the red burst finish and refined sizing let you learn how to play relatively quickly. It features a hardtail bridge system and comes with steel strings for the perfect pop or rock sound. You’re not getting a full-sized instrument, including the fretboard’s length, but it is well-suited for a first-time player.

If you want to learn how to play the guitar, these instruments deliver a fantastic experience without killing your budget. Pick up the model that makes sense, or choose one of your favorites so that you can start playing today.

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