Top Piano Brands to Choose Today

Top Piano Brands to Choose Today

Are you thinking about buying a piano today? If you are, you’re making an incredible investment for your home.

Not only does this instrument offer the chance to embrace your musical side, but it also becomes the social center point of your home. It can be the place where you sing songs as a family, laugh with friends, or compose that song you’ve had stuck in your head.

Although any piano brand can deliver an above-average result, it helps to shop with the brands that make the best instruments to maximize your investment. 

These are the brands that you’ll want to review first.

What Are the Best Pianos to Buy Today?

1. Blüthner Pianos

These instruments are manufactured exclusively in Leipzig, a fact that hasn’t changed since 1853. It is still a family-operated business, providing about 1,000 pianos per year to those who want this asset in their home. The sound of each strike is warm, full, and dark compared to other German models. What stands out is the four-string alignment for the high treble section instead of the standard three.

2. Fazioli Pianos

It is not unusual to hear people describe this brand as the makers of the best grand pianos of all time. Their reputation is flawless for a good reason: this instrument can take center stage of any performance and shine. Although the company only produces about 170 units per year, the demand is extraordinary for them. That’s a high compliment since the founder only started to build them in 1978.

3. Grotrian Pianos

The story of this piano brand begins in 1853 with a partnership between Steinweg and the founder. It stayed a family-held business until 2015 when the majority interest was sold to the Parsons Music Group. It continues to build instruments in Braunschweig, and the sixth generation of the family is still an integral part of the process. It offers a subtle attack, powerful bass, and a darker tenor section.

4. Sauter Pianos

The Sauter family has been producing pianos in Spaichingen since 1819. The company only uses high-quality woods for the instrument’s construction, with only the Val di Fiemme soundboards incorporated into the design. You’ll appreciate the added brightness to each note, with an above-average sustain, while the response stays active to the touch. About 900 instruments get made each you in the foothills of the Alps.

5. Steinway and Sons

If anyone has heard of a piano brand before, it is probably this one. The Steinweg family immigrated to the United States in 1853, becoming the Steinways that would revolutionize the ideas that make up a grand piano. Their methods would eventually get adopted by everyone else, including a more robust frame, sensitive action, and richer sounds. What we’d consider a modern piano today was already being made by this company in the 1880s.

If you are in the market for a new piano, these brands and more come highly recommended. Should you have any questions about what might work for your home, please feel free to reach out and ask!

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