Best Student Flutes You Can Buy Online Today

Best Student Flutes You Can Buy Online Today

If you have decided to start playing the flute, you’ll find that the sound and intonation from this instrument can be quite lovely. The results you can achieve with your practicing and playing depend on the quality you select, which is why you must take a careful approach when shopping online.

Although you can find several flutes available for less than $100, you should consider purchasing an instrument that is at least $200. Price isn’t always an indicator of quality, but you will avoid most potential headaches that can develop with a student instrument by investing in a better flute.

List of the Best Flutes for Students to Play

1. Jean Paul USA FL-220

This flute hits all of the right notes for a first-time student. It offers power-forged keys that deliver an active response without compromising the durability of the design. You’ll appreciate the silver-plated finish and cupronickel body for the gentle sounds coming from the instrument. It delivers a friendly embouchure for a forgiving playing experience while offering the right tone for a student orchestra.

2. Yamaha YFL-222

You’ll notice the footjoint marking on this student flute right away. This alignment process helps young players hit the correct finger placements more consistently so that the sounds are what you’d expect with consistent practice. It delivers a sensitive attack, clean sounds, and an accurate intonation while offering a forgiving design for beginners. It also uses neoprene key bumpers to provide a more reliable delivery than cork.

3. Jupiter Plateau 511S

This student flute delivers a consistently excellent sound that works well for beginners or intermediate players. Although the cost is higher than some other models, you’ll also get more resiliency with the investment. The keys and pads deliver well, with sticking never an issue. You’ll feel the quality when you pick it up for the first time, and the sound outperforms most other student instruments. If something does happen, it’s highly repairable.

4. Gemeinhardt 2SP

If you are just starting to learn how to play the flute, this instrument balances the price you need with the tone you want. It features stainless steel springs and a professionally padded design to offer consistent results. You’ll have plenty of control over the final sound with its student-friendly design. Although it is a plateau model, you’ll find that the finish stays strong and the sound remains lovely over the playing life of the instrument.

5. Yamaha YFL-814W

This beautiful flute features covered keys that are relatively easy to use. The pad cup is covered so that all toneholes get sealed appropriately any time the key gets closed. It comes from a handmade wooden design that gives you the sound of a modern symphony at home with each practice. Although the color and finish are variable with this custom approach, you’ll find that this investment makes a lot of sense. 

If you need to purchase a flute for your student, consider getting one of these models today. When the price is right, you can save over rentals while encouraging each player to deliver the best sound possible. 

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