How to Prepare Your Voice for Opera

How to Prepare Your Voice for Opera

The work of opera singers starts long before they ever make it to the stage for a performance. Their efforts encompass a physical and mental preparation process that enables them to simultaneously perform and care for their voice. 

If you want to prepare your voice for operatic performances, the first step is to get enough sleep each night. When you try to sing while feeling fatigued, it is challenging to reach the top or bottom notes during a performance.

It also helps to avoid doing anything taxing with your voice until it is time to warm up for the performance.

How to Keep Your Voice Healthy

When you want to have a healthy voice, rest must be part of the equation. This step goes beyond the sleep you get each night. 

If your voice is tired because you’ve been talking all day, that fatigue translates into the eventual performance.

If you eat healthy foods, you’ll start the process of developing a stronger voice. It also helps to have lots of hydration. Many of today’s best opera singers have at least eight glasses of water daily while avoiding things like caffeine and alcohol.

When your voice has wellness, it is because your body is fit and healthy. If you take the time to keep limber and active, it will help your voice reach the powerful heights needed for a strong performance.

Your Voice Is a Sports Star

Opera singers often talk about how their performance makes them like an athlete. That means you can’t smoke or start doing any recreational drugs because those elements could interrupt the strength of your voice.

Athletes practice daily to reach the goals they have, and you should follow the same process if you want to prepare your voice for opera. Running through several technical exercises each day is helpful, including a regimen of different techniques and scales.

Some opera singers like to run through their favorite phrases from the arias of a few operas. Even if you can only dedicate a few minutes to this process each day, you’ll find that it is a lot easier to push your singing to new levels. 

What About Starting a Performance Ritual?

Most opera singers don’t have a performance ritual they follow right before taking the stage. For them, the singing processes they follow represent the work they do to earn a living.

Putting on a voice for them is similar to you getting dressed in the morning!

If you want to prepare your voice for opera, the final step of the process is to have confidence in who you are. Don’t try to dress, behave, or like things because you think those actions offer social acceptance. Your voice shines through when it has the power of authenticity behind it. 

Most people cannot become an opera singer overnight. It takes months, usually years, of hard work and practice to get that first part! If you stay dedicated to the cause, you’ll eventually reach your singing goals.

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