How to Give Your Voice a Lovely Boost

How to Give Your Voice a Lovely Boost

Your voice is an incredible instrument. It goes with you everywhere and won’t suddenly fall off the stage in a freak accident.

You hold the power to wield one of the most incredible instruments in the world today!

Although many people consider singing to be a skill that’s out of reach, that perspective usually isn’t true. Everyone has a different vocal range and voice to use for singing.

If you’re ready to explore how well you could sing, these tips can give your voice the boost it might needs.

Tips to Help You Become a Better Singer

1. Find the weak spots in your singing.

The easiest way to find your weak spots is to record yourself singing. It should be a song you already know well. After you’ve completed this task, compare how you sound to that of the original singer or to a chord indicator to see if you stay in tune. Write down whatever mistakes happen and start practicing in those areas.

2. Put your voice to work.

If you want to play the piano well, you wouldn’t sit at the instrument and expect to be Mozart overnight. That’s the perspective that many people take with singing. Although some people have a natural talent for singing that makes vocal development seem effortless, you earn your way with this instrument. After warming up your voice, you should try to practice for at least 30 minutes daily to get better.

3. Don’t let your voice sing cold.

Taking care of your throat and mouth is an essential task when you practice your singing. It is vital to warm up your voice before you try to hit a broad vocal range. These options can help you get ready for that next practice session.

  • Practice your scales to warm up and down the notes you hope to perform.
  • Take some time to improve the coordination between your soft palate and tongue.
  • Repeat lip trills and humming exercises until you feel confident and ready.

4. Start with your breathing.

Breathing exercises can help your ability to sing more than you realize. When you can take a bigger, deeper breath, your voice will get a lovely boost. This process also promotes a healthier state of mind while keeping your stress levels low. Try this step by keeping your shoulders down, chest relaxed, and breathing deep and steady. Hold the inhale for four seconds; keep it there for seven seconds, and let it exhale for eight seconds to increase lung capacity.

5. Hire a vocal coach.

Although you can find several tools online that can help you become a better singer, the feedback received from a professional vocal coach is priceless. Investing in your voice will give you the specific observations needed to become a better singer.

As you invest in yourself and this incredible instrument, please remember to take care of it. Your vocal membranes require frequent hydration, which means drinking up to eight glasses of water daily could be an essential part of a bigger singing voice. 

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