Best Electronic Keyboards to Use at Home

Best Electronic Keyboards to Use at Home

When you want to learn how to play the piano, the most affordable way to take lessons is to have an electronic keyboard at home. 

If you purchase a real piano to have in your house, apartment, or condo, the cost could be well over $1,000. Although some electronic keyboards come with a similar price, you can often find entry-level models for under $100 to help you practice.

You’ll want to work with a local vendor if your preference is to have a real piano. When an electronic keyboard will do, these options provide excellent value.

List of the Top Electronic Keyboards to Play

1. Casio CT-X700

This keyboard offers a 61-key design to help you manage most compositions. It features a touch-response design, full-size keys, and over 600 different tones to help you explore your musical creativity. You can also add almost 200 rhythms to your playing experience. This instrument comes with an AC adapter, can play on batteries, and offers a class-compliant USB-MIDI connection.

2. Plixio Digital Electric Piano

If the price is a concern for your keyboard investment, this model offers an affordable way to learn. It uses a 61-key design with a dual power supply to help you understand the basic mechanics of chords and note placement. It comes with 60 demo songs, 40 tones, and 100 rhythms to accompany your playing style. Although the keys are a little smaller, the instrument only ways nine pounds for easy transportation.

3. Alesis Recital Digital Piano

When you want to practice on a full-size keyboard, this option provides an affordable way to enjoy a full-size design. It comes with semi-weighted keys to simulate a traditional piano’s touch response, offering five voices to help you have some fun. It also includes a few sound effects, including a reverb, that works with the 20W speakers to fill any room with beautiful noise. You’ll need to purchase the sustain pedal separately with this model.

4. Yamaha Portable Electric Piano

Although this keyboard is more expensive and offers fewer keys than the rest of the models on this list, it’s also a powerful sound engine that delivers exceptional results. It comes with a vintage audio performance and five stompbox-style sound effects that give you complete control over the playing experience. The 37-key design allows for a natural experience with a traditional feel to each note.

5. Best Choice Products Beginner’s Keyboard

This keyboard provides a standard 61-key design, but it comes with an upgraded stand to make the lessons easier. You get three teaching choices that come standard with the instrument, allowing you to follow one-key, ensemble, or follow modes to facilitate the learning process. You can customize over 250 timbre options to create unique sounds while the same number of rhythms simulate what it is like to play with a band.

If you’re ready to explore the piano, it might help to invest in a keyboard first to see if you like the instrument. These options are affordable, durable, and helpful for the learning process.

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