What Can I Do with an Old Piano?

What Can I Do with an Old Piano?

When you watch home improvement shows on television, it is not unusual to see an old piano get left behind when people move out of a house. 

If you find yourself in a similar situation, the most common solution is to send the old instrument to the local landfill. Moving companies will usually take care of this job for about $300 and the disposal fee’s cost. 

You can dismantle the old piano to take it to the landfill yourself if you have a few tools and an afternoon to break the instrument down into pieces. The plate will be the heaviest part, and it might need 2-3 people to carry it.

Are there any other ways that you can recycle an old piano into something useful? 

How to Repurpose an Old Piano

1. Turn the instrument into a tool bench.

If you remove the keys and the plate from an old piano, you can turn the frame into a practical workbench for the garage. You can even keep the seat from the instrument for a natural place to work on a project. To make this space more usable, consider attaching a pegboard to the back so that you have a place to hang your tools.

2. Turn it into a bar.

You will need to take out the plate and keys with this project, but you can leave the tuners in place to serve as glasses holders when you turn the piano into a bar. If you have some craftsmanship skills, try building small shelves into the unit so that you can hold your favorite wine bottles and more. 

3. Turn your piano into a desk

If you take the cover off of the piano, it can get turned into a useful desk. You don’t even need to remove the keys if you install a plexiglass barrier on top of them. If you don’t want this new furniture item to become difficult to move, it will help to remove the metal plate before completing the conversion for this project. Depending on the instrument’s size, this option could become a computer desk without pulling the plate or strings.

4. Turn it into your headboard.

Although you will need to remove everything from the piano except the backing components, you can recycle that portion as your new headboard. Even the mass-produced instruments provided intricate details and carving work to create a stunning centerpiece for the bedroom. Once you have the materials away from the piano, you could paint it to match your interior décor.

5. Create shelves with it.

You’ll find a surprising amount of wood available in the older pianos built around the turn of the 20th century. If you have a few tools and the need to do some crafting, you can turn the instrument into useful shelves at home. It can take some time to separate the metal components, so take your time with this process to ensure that you don’t damage the wood. 

Old pianos can breathe new life into any room with a little creativity. If you have one that needs some attention, why not try one of these ideas first before sending it to the landfill?

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