What to Expect from Your First Music Lesson

What to Expect from Your First Music Lesson

Congratulations! You’ve decided to start learning how to play a musical instrument. It’s one of the most exciting times in life because this creative endeavor can help you tap into energies that you didn’t know existed.

It can also be a nervous time, especially if you decide to start learning a musical instrument as an adult. When all of the kids are out there getting piano lessons or working in a band, it feels like you got left behind sometimes.

When you know what to expect from your first music lesson, the butterflies don’t flutter as much!

List of Expectations to Have for Your First Music Lesson

1. A Friendly Greeting

Whether you know the teacher or instructor already or this is your first time meeting them, you should receive a friendly greeting and an introduction. People learn musical theory better when they are in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. If you don’t feel like the person wants to build a relationship with you, it’s okay to walk right back out the door to find someone else.

2. Know Your Instrument

If you are taking a first music lesson, your teacher or instructor will let you know how the instrument works. This process is essential knowledge because you can’t maximize your practice time without understanding what to do. Everyone works a little differently at this step. You’ll find some people like to share technical knowledge, while others focus on what it takes to make sounds.

3. Hold Your Instrument

During your first music lesson, you should learn how to hold your instrument appropriately. If you are learning how to play the piano, this process might involve the correct posture and hand positioning instead. You should get to see the best way to handle the dynamics of your valves, sticks, and other tools so that you can maximize your practices and performances.

4. How to Play

You should get to play your instrument during your first lesson. The sounds you make might sound like an ostrich attacking your face, but it is a journey that everyone starts. Even the best musicians in the world today had that first moment when something cringeworthy came from their efforts! When you persevere and keep practicing, you’ll find that beautiful sounds won’t take long to create.

5. Homework

If you only get 1-2 lessons per week from your teacher or instructor, you won’t have enough time to get better. The best classes always review the information learned while offering homework to complete for the next session. If you are responsible enough to practice daily and complete those tasks, you’ll find that hard work does translate to new skills. The first materials won’t be challenging to practice, but that is to help you work on your technique.

You should feel proud of yourself for having the courage to take a music lesson. Once you’ve completed the first one, you can take the next steps forward on a fulfilling journey.

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